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WMDavis LLC, October 2020
Warren & Michele Davis

We have been in the corporate rat race for years and understand that this has limited our income potential exponentially. Our passion has always been to help improve the lives of those within the realm of our influence. 

Why Cannabis and why Nirvana Gold? Two words. Opportunity & Quality!

The network marketing strategy coupled with the quality of product and service, combined with the new laws that have legalized recreational use in Arizona and numerous other states; well this just makes the perfect storm.

We are enthusiastic about sustaining residual passive income in our retirement years, eager to develop a
strong financial future for our children and leave an ongoing legacy for them.
Anthony A. Phillips, August 2020
Before Nirvana Gold I was doing everything under the sun. I love that I could do bail bonds, bounty hunting, real estate, car sales, teach martial arts, and travel the world building businesses and investigating world events, but i didn’t ever get any time off. I couldn’t do things with my family or go on vacations. I had no time freedom. The reason I joined was because the day I walked into the office I could feel that I had found what I was looking for in a business; relationships, family and life (The Vibe Zone), Tom and Virginia Yarak, Davey Dave Stevenson and Marilyn, along with Susanna and Rich Furlanic, Raul, Matt Lenzi and all the crew and family here at Nirvana Gold. Now, I’m excited about the future because for once I am able to help people in so many different ways to get what they want and need while building a future for myself, my family and all my new family here with Nirvana Gold. 

Dr. Steve Funk, D.C., July 2020

Chiropractor and author, Dr Funk grew up in Santa Cruz, CA. Enjoy’s the beach, water sports and spending time with his beautiful wife and four kids. Active dad and leader in both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Proudly served for 10 years at the 129th U.S. Air Force Air National Guard, Sunnyvale Ca. Search and Rescue Squadron “that Others May Live”. Airborne Radio Operator. Loves to impact lives and make a positive difference with all people.

David Stevenson, April 2020

Former 29 year DEA veteran, David Stevenson, Sacramento spent his career arresting people for illegal possession of Schedule 1 Drugs. When California passed the law to make cannabis legal, his best friend and partner Tom Yarak shared his vision on how he wanted to create a vehicle that helped to spread the health and wellness miracles of cannabis combining it with a way to reward people who shared its information. David jumped in with both feet and has been instrumental in launching Nirvana Gold Rush. 

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